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SHAQ Alumni News

Many SHAQ alumni suit up and play for their college teams this year (2015).
Check out who they are and where they are playing.

Elliot Ordway / Tam 2013 / UCLA
Spencer Galli / Drake 2013 / UC Davis
Riley Venne / Drake 2014 / UC Davis
Marcus Anderson / Drake 2014 / UC Davis
Mitch Young / Drake 2014 / UC Santa Barbara
Patrick Eggert / MC 2013 / UC Santa Barbara
Max Schaum / SI 2014 / UC Santa Barbara
Reilley May / SI 2014 / Santa Clara
Ryan Campbell / San Marin 2014 / Chapman
Louis Campbell / San Marin 2014 / Chapman
Brandon West / Redwood 2015 / Chapman
Cole Donnelley / Redwood 2015 / Fordham
Theo Bass / Marin Academy 2014 / Occidental
Giorgio Cico / Redwood 2014 / Johns Hopkins
Lauren Emge / Drake 2013 / UC Davis
Quinn Galli / Drake 2015 / UC Davis
Isabel Kinsolving / Drake 2014 / Chapman
Nina Wheeler / Drake 2012 / Occidental
Carly Jackson-Clarke / San Rafael 2013 / Siena

Here is a glimpse of some former SHAQ players and how they are bringing their game to their new pools at the collegiate level.

West Coast Spotlight

UC Davis Players

SHAQ Alums and current UC Davis players Spencer Galli ('13, Drake), Marcus Anderson ('14, Drake) and Riley Venne ('14, Drake) take a break after a polo game this fall.

Check out the October 17th and 28th 2015 posts on the UC Davis Athletic Department website to read more about these SHAQ alums.

East Coast Spotlight

Giorgio Cico of John Hopkins University

Giorgio Cico ('15, Redwood) has made a big impact his freshman season at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

John Hopkins won the CWPA (Central Water Polo Association) Division III Championships this past weekend, on October 25th 2015.

Cico was named Rookie of the Tournament and given Second Team All-Tournament honors. Read more >

Earlier this season, Cico also was named CWPA's Southern Division Rookie of the Week. Read more >



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