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Answers to frequently asked questions.

What age group is my child in?
Your child’s age as of August 1st 2019 determines their age group.

Do I have to register online?
Yes, online registration is how we maintain and input our email lists and club rosters as well as keep track of payment information. What is USA water polo insurance and age verification? USA Water Polo insurance and age verification is required for all members of SHAQ. It provides insurance coverage during practices and games.

- Bronze level membership is acceptable for practice participation. To participate in any JO qualifying tournaments and the JO tournament, athletes must have the Gold level membership.

How do I make sure I am registered (affiliated) with SHAQ?
In order to compete with SHAQ in the summer you must be affiliated with Sleepy Hollow Aquatics (18329) on your USA water polo membership by May 25th. To change your affiliation go to “Member Area” after logging in to USA water polo and click on “change club affiliation.”

What are Junior Olympics (JO’s) and the Junior Olympic Qualifying (Quals) tournaments?
Junior Olympics is an end of the summer tournament. The qualifying tournaments take place in June in the East Bay. Athletes must have the Gold level USA water polo insurance membership to participate in JO's.

Does everyone compete at Junior Olympics?
No, not all athletes will compete at JO’s or JO Quals. SHAQ will field an A team for all age groups and a B team for some age groups. 13 athletes will be chosen from each age group to fill the A and B rosters. SHAQ is a very competitive club and having been chosen for previous JO’s or having had attended a travel tournament does not guarantee a JO roster spot. Not all SHAQ teams will qualify for JO’s as well. If you have any questions regarding JO selection, please contact Matt Swanson directly at

Is Junior Olympics the main focus of the summer?
No, SHAQ practices and philosophies are geared toward improving all players’ abilities. All players, regardless of whether or not they are chosen to participate at JO’s, receive the same coaching and involvement in practice.

How do I order SHAQ gear and suits?
SHAQ gear is available to order in the beginning of the Summer and Winter sessions. It is strongly recommended to try on a skuit before you order as water polo suits run very differently from each other. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive. All gear will be distributed at practice when they arrive.

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If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to SHAQ, we will use the donation to buy equipment. We are in need of caps, balls and training equipment.


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